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Take the load off your shoulders and keep moving forward in your business with confidence. Discover company management that gives you control.

Your one-stop shop for company compliance

Create documents, manage changes and handle stakeholders from a central place. Remove friction and be on top of your compliance and business management.

Ready to start documents

Register your company with us to get access to 13 company compliance documents. These are automatically drafted to ensure your business is legally compliant under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Better management everywhere

Manage your company’s officeholders and shareholders with a click of a button. Make changes to the company name, address or shareholder allocation, and process through ASIC easily.

Value-added partner offers

Receive free consultations from our partners in the areas of taxation, insurance and banking.

Here's what people say about Lawpath

"I’m a returning customer. Lawpath’s document library continues to grow to cover even more legal scenarios and policies. Our clients appreciate eSigning documents online, and I like that I can access on-demand legal advice as our business grows."

Testimonial Item

Harry Sekhon

Thrive Agency

"Using Lawpath has given us a competitive edge. Tackling the legal side of things early has not only saved my business money in the long-run, but has also made life as a new business owner incredibly easy"

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Kimberly Gundani

Blossom Care Australia

"Excellent product, easy to use, rather elegant in ways. The service team is responsive, knowledgeable and thorough. I recommend"

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Ben Steinberg

“Lawpath has made me more confident. I’ve had a great experience using Lawpath and I’m keen to continue to ask my lawyer questions as they arise, so I can learn and develop my knowledge.”

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Jennifer Lawn

Halo Administrations

"Speed and ease were the key factors that made me use Lawpath. Your company will be registered and ready to go basically instantly."

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Tim Gardner

Has Algae

"The Lawpath Legal Advice Plan really caught my interest, and I’d never seen anything like it. It’s provided me with comfort, and the ongoing support from my lawyer is very beneficial."

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Rowan Fenn


How does it work?

Step 01

Enter your ABN and get your business details straight from ASIC.

Step 02

Review and add your business to your dashboard.

Step 03

Access and manage your company all in one place

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Lawpath?
Lawpath Company Management is an inbuilt feature that allows you to manage all your company information from one place.
Is Company Management free at Lawpath?

Uploading a business is free for all Lawpath users.

Is it easier to build legal documents and send contracts through Lawpath’s Company Management?
Yes. Company Management at Lawpath removes the unnecessary bottle-necks, approval process and obstacles, making it easy for you and your team to effectively manage your company information and share this information with business and stakeholders without any obstructions.
Is Company Management an end to end solution at Lawpath?

Yes. All that we require is the ABN of the business you’re bringing to Lawpath. Our platform will then search Government records to retrieve all the relevant information you’ll need to manage your business from your account.


Keep your company compliant from anywhere.

Create documents for your company and manage changes from one central place. We make it easy to keep on top of your company compliance.

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